Assets Tokenization ERC20

Asset tokenization allows users to generate digital and store tokens on the blockchain for their physical and digital assets. These tokens are bite-sized portions of your assets. What this means is that you get more tokens than your assets’ dollar worth. Blockchain is secure, so nobody can change, delete, or negate the fact that you own your assets.


In recent years, there has been a rise in cryptocurrency awareness that exists on the blockchain. ERC20 refers to the standard for the implementation and deployment of fungible tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What Can Be Tokenized?

Almost anything can be tokenized, including conventional assets and digital investments. For your convenience, we have broken down the different types of asset tokenization for the blockchain.

  • Assets: You can tokenize both business and personal assets. The distinction between the two is that personal assets comprise anything that you can cash out. Even hard cash is a personal asset. Conversely, business assets include anything that you can show on the balance sheet.
  • Goods and Services: Any goods or services that a business offers can be tokenized and used to buy goods or services from the company. Wallets for online marketplaces are an excellent example of this.
  • Equity: Any shares you own in a company are eligible for tokenization on the blockchain. Any equity you own is added to your digital wallet to increase its security.

How Is Asset Tokenization Beneficial?

There are many reasons why asset tokenization is beneficial for you. While people have tokenized their assets in the past, that was before blockchain technology. Thanks to blockchain, digitalization is more secure and makes more sense than ever.

  • More Liquidity: Blockchain is decentralized and allows users to tokenize their assets whenever they need them. As a result, these assets can be quickly traded and include many illiquid assets. For example, selling a house is difficult, but selling tokens is quick.
  • Lesser Risk: The blockchain protocol is highly transparent, meaning that all parties involved in a transaction have complete details. You can quickly track the history of an asset, including past ownership information. All activities on the blockchain are apparent, so anyone trying to commit fraud can be shut down immediately.
  • Asset Split: Conventionally, the concept of splitting an asset can be tricky and poses challenges. However, when you split an asset on the blockchain, any number of users can partially own it.
  • No Intermediaries: One of the most significant benefits of blockchain is that buyers and sellers directly interact without intermediaries. Doing so reduces the communication gap and reduces the cost intermediaries charge for their services. In addition, since the transaction is directly between the main parties, it takes only a matter of seconds compared to conventional methods that could take many days.

Tokenization ERC20 and BEP20

Blockbrainers provides hackproof tokens implementing ERC20 standard protocols. We offer advanced features for those who need them and allow users to deploy their tokens on ERC20 and BEP20. Blockchain is the future of investments, and we are here to make it a safe and easy process for everyone.

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